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We are urgently looking for several TORNOS DECO 10a!


References - Everyday work examples

Example 1
Customer: HG Medical, West Virginia, USA

Order: For our customer HG Medical, we searched for a specific used machine that meets the requirements of medical technology and is best fit for their existing machinery. As a competent service partner, we offer sales processing right up to commissioning at the customer’s site worldwide.

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After personal inspection of the machinery on site (in this case in Singapore), the machinery is provided with seaworthy packaging, ...

Placeholder image... loaded onto a truck ...

... and then aboard a container ship for overseas shipment to Germany.

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Already in our workshop in Pforzheim:
General overhaul of individual components, assembly, maintenance, test run.

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Seaworthy repacking for shipment to our customer in the USA.

Placeholder imageTransport within the USA to the customer.
Customer: HG Medical, USA

Installation, returning to service and acceptance by the customer. From left to right: Sebastian Schmid (Project Manager, HG Medical), Christina Craigo (Production Manager, HG Medical), Achim Bauer (Technical Managing Director, BL-Industrietechnik).